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Story of IBC

It all begins with the unrivalled quality and distinctive Italian craftsmanship.

IBC (International Brand Center) was established in 2004 in Hong Kong. Embracing an abiding passion for uncompromising quality, IBC has been enthusiastic of delivering the state-of-the-art masterpieces to the hands of those who appreciate the impeccable artistry and precision.


Philosophy & Mission

IBC masters the pinnacle of authentic Italian jewellery crafting. Devoted to producing extraordinary jewellery with the utter perfection, we promise that only the finest of its kind isstringently handpicked and fused with the seasoned Italian touch.

On the ground of the endless pursuit of unshakable quality, IBC has emerged to be one of the leading luxury jewellery providers in the Greater China and the Asia Pacific region, and has been growing and expanding ever since.

The fundamental values radiating deep within are:

Philosophy & Mission

Our Edge

Business may come and go, but integrity and credibility last forever. By practicing business with integrity and professionalism, IBC has been striving for creating the best value to our consumers. Being devoted to achieving the best total customer experience, we cherish every new encounter and build client relationships that last above and beyond a jeweler.

With our uncompromising quality and innovative skills, IBC has been appointed the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for renowned European brands. Expanding on this convincing background, IBC has developed its own reputation and continued to redefine beauty and glamour.


Design & Craftsmanship

Design & Craftsmanship

It is the everlasting design and the extraordinary craftsmanship that give birth to the legendary masterpieces in their own time. With over 12 years of unceasing advancement and continual breakthroughs, a taste of European Italian touch mixed with cross-cultural style has been established in our designs comparable to other world-class labels.


IBC Standard

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) establishes one of the worldwide standards for evaluating the quality of diamonds. The industry always refers to the 4Cs and the International Diamond Grading System, which was also established by the GIA in 1940 and it is now widely adopted and recognized.

The GIA certified report contains detailed information including the grading, as well as all other gemological characteristics of the diamond. Every IBC diamond accompanies with the corresponding GIA report, which ensures objective and independent grading.



IBC is a member of Woo Leung Lee Jewellery Co., Ltd. (WLL), one of the leading jewellery wholesalers and retailers in the area of the Greater China and Asia Pacific. WLL has earned memberships of four renowned and reliable organisations in Hong Kong’s jewellery industry, namely Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association, Hong Kong Jewellers’ & Goldsmiths’ Association Ltd. as well as The Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association, whose members are committed to protecting and promoting ethical, social and environmental practices.


Ethical Sourcing

Chasing after perfection, IBC always commits to selecting superb diamonds with unique and breathtaking values. With our rigorous selection criteria, all diamonds’ quality is guaranteed with their origin rigidly examined as well.

Under no circumstances are blood diamonds* nor war diamonds* traded and stocked in IBC. By strictly abiding by the Kimberly process, IBC identifies the origin of each diamond and avoid customers indirectly funding illegal and terrorist activities.

*Diamonds mined in war zone and sold to finance an insurgency or a warlord’s activity


HK Custom Cat A Registrant

HK Custom Cat A Registrant
香 港 海 關
香港法例第615章 《打擊洗錢及恐怖分子資金籌集條例》
A類註冊人註冊證明書 (第615章 第53ZUG條)
Certificate of Registration for Category A Registrant (Section 53ZUG, Cap 615)
註冊號碼 : A-B-23-05-00220
Registration No.: A-B-23-05-00220